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Contacts post.

If you have troublesome contact Ipin, please leave behind the information in this post. She will be her promptly to respond you well. If you hoped that gives her about the rp idea or possible constructive criticism suggestion this is the such matter's very appropriate place.

Thanks visits Ipin' s journal.

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I don't know a lot about it, but if there's no oxygen can he even decompose in space? I don't know if I'd want my body just out there floating forever. In the sea the fish eat it and the water wears down the bones. And in the ground it well... dust to dust and all that. What will the recycler do to him?

Ohh I'm light on my toes again.

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Maybe you should... have a chat with everyone, Dr. Sweets. Just to make sure no one else feels like he did?

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There's different kinds? It probably wouldn't be effective to bet with chores here, would it?

Thank you, Robin. I'd like to be able to join in if that's what everyone's doing.

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That sounds fun! I've never played poker before is it hard?


Ipin found Mr. Lucky! He continues to run away, and Ipin is impossible his signature which causes him to give him to want her to discover the protein soft sugar. She discovered that the heart and the chair follow her now! It is astonishing! Ipin obtains the pleasure, except badly dog filches from coconut tree crispies takes the Ipin heart she to the present let it return! Ipin also discovered that the chest uses the cookie. But Ipin does not have the time to attempt them, she will preserve it later! They request her to eat! Surprised!!

Log: Ipin and Gokudera

Who Ipin and Gokudera
What Gokudera opens the gift he got for Lambo and gets a massage lesson
When Friday night
Where SDC Ipin's room
Rating A for aaaaahhhh (G yo)

Nnoont mehmph mm.Collapse )


It's that time of year

Lambo? I think someone mistook my room for yours, there's ... I think it's a gift, for you. Maybe they ran out of balloons because there's pink gloves instead and it's in a cowprint bag. Let me know where you are so I can give it to you?

Thank you for the movie night last night, Jyabura and Miss Fujiko. And Toboe for letting me snuggle! You're so warm and furry!

Are all the ants gone from the other boat?
Ipin's head hurts and her gun is gone. Why is there a needle in her shoulder? Her pretty shirt shrank!! And it's spotty orange and green!

ETA: Mr. Yamamoto? Mr. Richard? Ipin lost her gun! Where are you?

ETA II: Ipi... I found Mr. Ace... he doesn't look very well.

ETA III: I have Mr. Ace's gun! I'll shoot back if you keep shooting me!!