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I-pin's Journal!

For the thoughts of the I-pin.

25 November

Character name: I-pin
Series/Fandom source: Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Point at which taken from source: Time is complicated in this universe but I'm taking her from the 10 years later Arc in the midst of the Millefiore Takeover (roughly Chapter 142 ).

Age: 15 (or 5 or even more rarely 25)
Gender: Female
Species: Human (Racially from Hong Kong)
Blood type: B+
Allergies: none known
Average daily food consumption (in food units): 1

Appearance: I-pin is petite, probably about 5'3 or 5'4 and she has traditional Chinese features; dark eyes and long dark brown hair that she usually braids or ties back to keep out of the way. She may look small but she has practiced martial arts from a very young age so she has lean muscle. I-pin has a notably large forehead (one character calls her 'forehead girl') and very small, thin eyebrows.

Personality: I-pin is generally very cheerful, she's driven to do well and to help the people who support her. When she makes a goal she does everything she can to make sure she accomplishes it, with a sort of mindless determination. Sometimes she can become so focused on what she's doing that she doesn't notice things happening around her, making her appear oblivious. I-pin arrived in Japan not knowing the language at all and only one or two people could initially communicate with her. Because she eventually went to school there, she has had to work twice as hard to understand classes meaning she's developed very effective study habits. She is considered geeky at school because she works so hard at getting good grades. All this is countered by the fact that she was raised as an assassin. I-pin has supposedly been killing people since she was at least five years old. You only see her severely injure a few people (and possibly kill one)in canon but she doesn't seem to balk a the idea and she throws herself into that work as wholeheartedly as she throws herself into everything else. I-pin has grown up with most everyone around her older and about eight 'older brother' type men who show concern for her. This means she's had a bit of over protection in the boys arena (any boy who's managed to show an interest enough for the famiglia to notice has not doubt been scared to the point of mental breakdown by the Vongola Guardians) and she's often patted on the head and sent on her way. Something that drives her absolutely nuts. If she didn't care about them so much she'd rebel a lot more.

Strengths: (some were covered in the personality section) I-pin is driven. She can focus on something single-mindedly. Mostly likely thanks to her heavy martial arts upbringing. She forms bonds with people and then protects them with her life. She is very independent. She doesn't want to burden others, having grown up an orphan, and works to make sure she can support herself. I-pin is very good at physical activity, she has lean muscle strength and honed martial arts capabilities as well as a high tolerance to garlic. She also has a proficiency at languages. She's very good at Mandarin Chinese and Japanese, and is pretty good at Italian and English. She's book smart because she studies very hard but she is better at Languages, History, Literature and the like than Math or Science. I-pin can also cook. She doesn't have a huge mental cookbook and she's not above average but she learned how to make her Gyoza buns as a toddler (beware, the garlic content is high enough to be poisonous to normal people). She's worked at a Chinese food restaurant so she's learned how to make ramen and simple Chinese food. She can follow a recipe. She also knows how to make disguises and she often trained in the wilderness with her Master so she knows how to camp and cook over an open fire. I-pin is good at assessing a situation, especially a fight and thinking her way toward the best solution possible. In other words her fighting strategy is very good but it's more physical she's not as good at head games. She thinks physically and can act quickly on instinct as well. She has used a gun although it's not her preferred weapon and she's only an average shot. She does know how to use most martial arts weapons used in Kung Fu although she doesn't carry any with her.

Weaknesses: I-pin's focus can also cause her to ignore things around her. She won't stop to ask questions if she thinks her task is too important. Because of her heavy training as a child her body can react automatically when she senses a threat even if she's not focusing on it meaning if you trigger her instincts she may hurt you by accident. (She has actually beaten up a martial arts gang while she was studying, in the manga she apologizes profusely while she finishes them off). Often she is transported to the past and can't understand how she got there and doesn't seem to realize there's been a time change, but runs off to make a delivery regardless of the fact that there's no one in the past to deliver it to. I-pin is always very worried she's burdening someone. She has some self esteem issues from growing up foreign in Japan, a xenophobic society. I-pin grew up quickly being trained as an assassin from before age five, but in many way's she's rather naive for a 15 year old about things normal teenagers understand. I-pin also has to deal with Lambo's ten-year bazooka. Sometimes she will find herself switched with her five year old self (explained more in abilities). Ipin is also a little shy sometimes although she's gotten better from her younger days.

Special abilities: I-pin was raised as an assassin. She enters the story at five, trying to fulfill a mission. She was trained by one of the top Mafia hitmen in martial arts, his specific style is Gyoza Ken. For description purposes, I use Wing Chun Kung Fu and Judo. The Gyoza part of Gyoza Ken involves eating a garlic dumpling and using the compressed garlic breath smell to temporarily short circuit the part of the brain that controls muscle function. The result often looks like she can telekinetically throw someone around. Really they just can't control their own limbs. (That's right her attack is bad breath). When she is older her biggest attack is sealed away (with an unlock word). But her five year old self has a Pinzu-Time Bomb which activates when her blood pressure rises (when she's five it's usually out of shyness which also means she latches onto whatever or whoever is closest). Majong numbers appear on her head (round circles like dominoes) and count down. When it hits one the compressed garlic from her gyoza fist causes an explosion about the size of a grenade (if it gets activated when she's older it looks more like an atomic bomb). The only other fighting attack that's been specifically mentioned is Haisangen (she lays across the enemies shoulder and breaks both their arms and their neck in one move).

The Ten-year Bazooka. I-pin's best friend has a weapon that can swap him with himself ten years in the future. Whenever he is in trouble (and when he cries and when he's NOT in trouble) he uses this to swap with himself. Sometimes I-pin gets caught in the crossfire. Which means that to anyone near her fifteen-year old self, they will see a cloud of pink smoke and suddenly a five year old Chinese child will appear. As a five year old I-pin's head is egg shaped and she is often confused for a boy. Her hair is just one tiny tail on top of that rotund head. She has terrible eyesight (literally thinks her best friend is a broccoli monster) and she can't speak anything but Chinese. In third person this translates to gibberish to most people (unless they speak Hong Kong Cantonese). In journals she's found Babel Fish and uses it religiously. She is very good about repeating things in new ways if someone doesn't understand her.

History(spoilers): I-pin has never had parents mentioned. She was raised by her Master (that's what she calls him). Fon, her master, is an arcoboleno which means he's one of the strongest mafia hit-men, who had his powers augmented and now appears to be a baby (although he still has all the knowledge and ability of his age). She absolutely adores her master. So much so that Hibari (who looks like him) is the source of her five-year-old crush. As a five year old she was rated to have the third most potential (out of 52,262) to become one of the top Mafia hit-men. In the time jump to ten years later, I-pin has quit being an assassin in order to focus on school and earning money so she can pay her way through college. She works for a Chinese restaurant as a delivery girl. Her master has died from non-trinisette radiation along with all the other arcoboleno. And Tsuna, the leader of the Vongola Mafia famiglia, and a big-brother figure, has been assassinated. The Vongola family (whom she relates to most in Japan) are being hunted down by the Millefiore famiglia and on top of her personal responsibilities she will sometimes work with her best friend Lambo, as a bodyguard. It's useful that she's not officially associated with the Vongola making it easier for her to move around the city. At the specific time I'm taking her from, things are looking very bad for everyone she cares about that is still alive. The leader of the rival family plans to not only take over the world, but also parallel worlds as he has the ability to move between dimensions.

Inventory: I-pin will come in her delivery outfit (white button up shirt, white capri pants, white apron and white handkerchief in her hair), she'll have one of her deliveries in a large delivery box along with a change of clothes for a Vongola meeting after work (cheongsam, hair ribbons and nice shoes, travel hairbrush and compact with a mirror, her glasses) and a pocket Japanese to Italian dictionary. She always has gyoza on hand so she'll have five dumplings in her bag with her change of clothes. She wears a watch.

((My apologies for any mangling of Chinese. I don't know the language even remotely and must rely on babelfish. If it makes you feel better, she also mangles English.)

This is a roleplaying journal for aphelion_rpg by athenazandrite.
I-pin and 家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN! belong to Akira Amano, Shueisha, Viz and Weekly Shonen Jump.
All content is fictional and for entertainment purposes only, not for profit.